It’s about… time

I haven’t written to this blog for almost 2 years – that’s a long time. Especially to pay for hosting that I’m effectively not using. So why did I start the blog?

One day, I fell in love with that idea – I can share the stuff I learned, maybe gather some feedback. Folks don’t have to rediscover America. They can learn from my mistakes. They can save time.

But once I got into it, the issues just piled up – I have to learn how to write a blog, WordPress, plugins, etc. Then I have to write posts with some frequency – it started to seem like a lot of work. Work I didn’t mind but didn’t have the time for. It didn’t seem like it can boost my career in any way.

My career; money-making. Time is money, right? If I don’t invest time in my skills, I can hardly make more money. Standing on shoulders of giants, I’ve read blogs, watched videos and presentations, gathering knowledge anywhere I can. Sometimes you invest some of the money to buy a better resource – a book or Pluralsight subscription, just to save time, but I think I’m wasting it.

What I’m lacking is a focus – for example, I’m learning about the problem at the hand, and immediately I start to imagine possible solutions, or even worse going off a tangent and start learning about a related problem. That’s why I have 4 books in progress now.

Also, where does it stop? I’ve started with SQL development, then data modelling dabbled in administration, trying to improve in automation, git, PowerShell, trying to at least know about Azure, SSIS, PowerBi.

But Jack of all trades is master of none. You have to pick useful skills but also skills that might be useful in the future. Something like a stock portfolio. But which ones are worth spending time on?

I’ve learned – just by an accident, really – that Paul Randal is offering to mentor a selected group of individuals. Now I’ve never had a mentor in my short career so far. Since I’ve started I have been a big fish in a small pond – seeking the challenge I’ve tried to move up. Since then I’ve settled in just about the right size of a pond, but have I moved too fast? Sometimes the imposter syndrome in me is real. While I wouldn’t say I’m self-learned, I wasn’t mentored either.

Now I’m on the fence about being mentored. I’m not in a bad place, but I don’t have a plan for what to do next. I always thought I would like to teach either as SQL lector or consultant, but is my knowledge good enough? Maybe now, getting advice from someone with more experience would help.

It’s about time…

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